Recliner Release Lever 15x15mm Mounting Shaft Brown Plastic

$24.00 AUD inc 10% GST

  • Brown plastic recliner lever
  • Fits 15x15mm mechanism drive tube
  • High quality and durable
  • Fits wide range of recliner and sofa brands
  • 12 month replacement warranty
  • Easy to fit with just a screw driver
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Brown Plastic Recliner Lever Handle Fits 15x15mm Mechanism Drive Tube

This  replacement handle is of a high quality and durable.

Total length is 260mm

Fits a wide range of recliner and sofa brands. Comes with a 12 month  replacement warranty.

The brown plastic footrest release lever is used to release the footrest on a sofa or recliner chair.

Easy to fit, the only tool required is a  screw driver or allen key depending on the manufacturer of the chair.

The handle is held in place on the mechanism drive tube by a screw or bolt through an opening at the bottom of the handle.